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Do you think only women born with thick and flowing hair can go for different hairstyles? Not really. Hair extension for women brings you the thrill to try your favorite hairstyle in easy steps. No matter, whatever is your hair thinning problem is, all kinds of best hair extensions are now available in the market. Whether straight hair or curly hair all kinds of real hair extensions are now available. It gives a more natural look than hand-tied extensions. These hair extensions are available at an affordable price starting from 500 INR.

Types of Hair extensions

Clip-in Hair extension

It is a type of hair extension you can able to clip with your hair scalp. 

Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extension is segments of hair attached to two-inch double-sided keratin tape.

Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave

Natural hair braided with weaved hair

LOC Extension

Loc extension is the method of extending current Locs.  Permanent Loc extension helps to transform loose hair into natural look hair.

Ponytail Hair Extension

Ponytail hair extension helps to add more volume to the regular ponytail. 

Remy Hair Extension

It is the hair collected from humans which helps to attain the natural hair look.  It has been collected from various sources. 

Luxy Hair Extension

Luxy Hair is also called remy hair since it is collected from humans. It can be dyed or toned by a professional hairstylist. 

Dreadlock extensions

Dreadlock hair extensions can be braided to the extent of the natural hair and also help to extend real dreadlocks.

Weft hair extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions are made from real human hair. It has been sewn by hand or machine.  It has been sewed onto a weft or horizontal strip.

Things to Know Before Buying

  • Get the right color to match with the ends of your locks, not the roots.
  • Synthetic extensions are the most affordable and have good shine, which makes them look unnatural. And non-virgin hair has been processed either dyed or treated to change its texture.  It’s also not ideal. Remy extensions are of good quality. They look like natural hair.
  • Buy a good quality hair extension that protects you from hair damage
  • Don’t go for cheap products. 
  • Hair extension should not cause pain or fall out. Most importantly it should be comfortable to wear. 
  • Decide how long you want to wear them and select accordingly the type of extension.
  • Hair extensions usually require different hair products. You may have to buy some extra moisturizing products to maintain it.
  • Extensions require a bit of extra care. If you looking for a permanent solution, you’ll need to factor in some extra time to wash, dry, and style.
  • Like every other product, hair extension has an estimated life. Know when to discard it.
  • Talk to your hairstylist’s one who specializes in hair extensions. She will help you to choose an extension that will work well for you.

Tiara hair extension 

Tiara hair extension provides desired look with highly professional and exceptionally qualified. Tiara hair extensions are made by intensively trained hair extensions specialists. The product comes with the guarantee of 100% natural. The hair extensions product can last from one month to a year with the appropriate maintenance. Tiara hair extension is the highest quality product made solely from 100% Remy human hair. 

Tiara professionals will find the perfect match for your hair, giving you a natural healthy look. They are renowned for exclusive styling methods. They help to blend the extensions with your hair, creating a beautiful natural look.

Tiara offers the following Hair Extensions:

Tiara Micro-bead Extensions is a harmless method.  Proper maintenance helps to last up to 6-9 months. It has been designed with tiny rings to hold each strand in place so there is absolutely no glue or adhesive involved. There are 3 different types of rings to choose from and all of them are very comfortable and safe to use. This is the best way for those who prefer to do a ponytail or bun hairstyle. You can free to do anything with your hair as if it’s your own. This is Tiara hair extension’s most popular method.

Tiara Weft Extensions is the same as “clip-on” hair extensions, except the micro-bead to hold the hair in place instead of plastic clips. This method is recommended for those who have experience in wearing clip-in extensions and there is no discomfort wearing them.  If you prefer budget-friendly and use as a clip-in tiara weft extension is best. These extensions will stay on 24/7 and you can wash/style the hair as needed and you don’t need to remove them at night. This method is not suitable for those who like to bun or wear up.

Tiara Tape-in extensions are a temporary method.  With proper maintenance, it could last up to 2-3 re-applications. 

These extensions lay flat against your head, lightweight and undetectable. The Tape extensions come in many fun bright colors and many people like to use them for special outings.

Tiara Nano Extensions is a harmless method. With proper maintenance, this could last up to 6-9 months. Nano beads are the smallest beads used in hair extensions. Tiara nano extension is free from glue and any other adhesive.  Tiny rings have been used to hold each strand.  People who have thin hair in the crown area can use these extensions. With the help of this extension, one can go for any hairstyle. They can also wear a ponytail or hair up. 

Tiara Hair Extensions are the best and leading Hair Exporter & Manufacturer in the industry. It is a  

  • Highest quality products
  • Made from 100% Remy human hair. 
  • Made by intensively trained professional
  • The product lasts up to one year.
  • Suitable for all hair types.

Looking for the best hair extension with professional guidance? Check out all types of exclusive hair extensions in Tiara. They are also providing one-day classes for ‘how to apply” and ‘how to remove’, which gives you hands-on experiences.